Company Introduction


Jiangsu Efful Science and Technology Co., Ltd is reorganized based on the Jiangsu Efful New Material Science and Technology Company founded in 1999. Based on the basic state policies circular economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and so on, the company pays attention to scientific-technical progress and tries to explore a brand new operation idea and model based on continuously strengthening R&D ability, and that is the “laboratory economy” which is taking using industrial solid waste (mainly is industrial By-Product Gypsum) as object, taking scientific-technical R&D as the core, and taking service outsourcing as principal business model. The company listed its stock on the New OTC Market in August 2016, stock code 838859.

The company is professional at developing and researching the relevant recycling technology and equipment of industrial By Product Gypsum resources, and the main products include: manufacturing equipment of α high-strength gypsum, manufacturing equipment of β-By Product Gypsum, and metallurgical waste water comprehensive treatment and utilization equipment etc. The products are mainly used in recycling of all kinds of waste such as FGD gypsum, calcium sulfite powder, phosphogypsum, citric acid gypsum and titanium gypsum etc. produced from the industries including coal-fired power plant, metallurgy, chemical, paper-making, acid pickling, chloralkali,salt chemical and phosphate fertilizer etc. The main method for transformation and utilization is to analysis, match and study all kinds of waste, and then combine with subjects such as thermal power engineering, chemical industry, process development, and industry design etc. to form an integrated process and realize the waste transformation and recycling through calcination, oxidation, membrane filtration, dissociation etc. in businesses including power plant, iron and steel plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, metallurgic plant and so on, which will save resources and reduce carbon emission maximally. This will avoid secondary pollution caused by By-Product Gypsum stockpiling and at the same time will bring substantial economic and social benefit for relevant businesses.

The company has established long-term essential cooperation relationships with many institutions such as Tsinghua University, CAS, Nanjing University of Technology and Southeast University etc. and takes the leading position in domestic research and application area of industrial By-Product Gypsum. The trademark “Efful” is awarded the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province. Company programs have gained the circular economy major program subsidy from NDRC, and company is approved as “resource recycling engineering center of industrial By-Product Gypsum in Jiangsu Province”, besides, the transformation program has gained the major scientific and technological achievement transformation special assisting fund from Science and Technology Agency of Jiangsu province and approved by MIIT with the sign “Research and Application Demonstration Base of China Industrial By-Product Gypsum” and approved by MEP with the sign “Utilization Engineering Technology Center of National Environmental Protection Industrial By-Product Gypsum Resource”.

Efful will keep the green development route unswervingly, improve the core competition of enterprise comprehensively, and lead the enterprise for healthy developing with new ideas and new technology in low carbon economy. We will inject the enterprise development idea of “Be honest and kind, follow the good, seek harmonious development” and our firm spirit of never be defeated into each process and corner during enterprise development. “Detail oriented, do in the moment” is our standard of behavior.


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