Construction of pre-sold properties

We only build homes that we have down payments for.

No land or zoning speclulation.

Building 30 pre-sold homes in partnership with the City of Edmonton Hakim Wealth is one of the exclusive developers for the City

  • Summary
    Hakim Wealth only builds homes we have pre-sold (received down payments for).

  • Our Model
    How we differ from other developers:

    No zoning or land servicing risks – We only buy land that is 100% ready for immediate construction. Other developers usually need to wait years for the city to service water, electricity, roads etc. We also ensure the previous land owner secured all the necessary zoning rights.

    No end buyer risk: We will not be left with a large inventory of properties in the hopes of finding buyers since our properties have already been pre-sold and secured by a non-refundable down payment.

    Minimize market risk: In the case of a market correction buyers may delay home purchasing and in turn we will pause construction. Since we only build properties we have pre-sold we are not burdened with excess inventory. We have very minimal negative exposure to severe market events. This is quite different from the volatility in the stock market or precious metals markets.

  • Location
    Centered in a highly developed residential area (Edmonton, Canada)

  • Status
    Started Pre-Sales Summer 2013 with a Demo House Sales Center already in place (all zoning and permits done)

  • Completion
    Construction begins Summer 2013, Ends Summer 2014 (1 year)

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PROJECTED Investor's Annual Return from Profit Sharing
7 – 9%
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