Rental Properties

  • Asset
    Hakim Wealth owns a portfolio of stable rental income properties across North America. The portfolio includes both residential and commercial properties. 8 New properties will be added in 2013, and additional 10 properties will be added in 2014.

  • Investment Amount
    Investing in rental income properties is an established method of generating safe, secure and shariah compliant returns on investments. Hakim Wealth allows its investor to hold a diversified set of properties without the inconvenience of property selection, management, and maintenance. Investors purchase shares in Hakim Wealth through a prospectus offering (available Fall 2013) providing them with proportional land and asset ownership and voting privileges. Detailed audited statements are published annually as per Ontario Securities Commission requirements.

  • Location
    Located in well-established neighborhoods in major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Orlando, Miami, and Houston.

  • Status
    Raising capital

  • Completion
    On going / continuous

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PROJECTED Investor's Annual Return from Profit Sharing
7 – 9%
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